Joined Heart #032 Squares & Triangles

joined heart 032 picture   DSC06709-1

When I visited Rome last week I noticed a palazzo at Piazza dei Calcarari. The lower part of the façade is most impressive. It is made from large square and triangle shaped ashlars. Having just received Joined Heart Crystal from Anna it was predestined for further development.

The new heart is made in two steps. The last step is the same as the process described for Joined Heart #031. But prior to this each piece must be made from two pieces which are joined in a checkered pattern.

Joined Basket 032 krystal pattern 1 Joined basket 032 krystal pattern 2 Joined Basket 032 krystal pattern 3  Joined basket 032 krystal pattern 4

Cut out the pieces on the four sheets from four different colours (#1, #2). If you use a cutting machine make sure that all cuts are indeed full and open.

JB 038 stage 1 JB 038 stage 2

In the first step the pieces from Pages 1 and 3 are joined, and the pieces from Pages 2 and 4 are joined (#3).

JB 038 stage 3

It is not quite easy. A way is to start by joining the lowest row of two squares. Then look at the row above where both squares now have the same colour. Identify which of the two should be given the other colour. Then twist to make the flap in this colour come forward. Pay attention that when the pieces are placed close together to form a full heart the pieces should form a regular checkered pattern over the entire face of the heart. Also observe that the two center pieces made from pieces at Pages 2 and 4 shall be mirrored considering the colours.

The second step is to join the two sets of pieces just as it was done for Joined Heart #031. However it is important that you start joining in the correct way. The colour of the squares you cut away at the points on Pages 1 and 2 cannot be those showing in the point. Consider that the squares you crease to form triangles at the sides of the heart shall have the colour you use for Pages 3 and 4.

JB 038 stage 4 JB 038 stage 5 JB 038 stage 6 JB 038 stage 7 JB 038 stage 8 JB 038 stage 9 JB 038 stage 10 JB 038 stage 11 JB 038 stage 12 JB 038 stage 13 JB 038 stage 14 JB 038 stage 15 JB 038 stage 16 JB 038 stage 17

And files for cutting: Joined Basket 032 krystal cut 1 ; Joined basket 032 krystal cut 2 ; Joined Basket 032 krystal cut 3 ; Joined basket 032 krystal cut 4

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