Heart #043

heart 043 picture 2  heart 043 picture 6

This Heart #043 is a further development of Heart #042 from last Christmas, sent to me from Anna. Heart 043 Flower pattern 1 Heart 043 Flower pattern 2 Heart 043 Flower pattern 3 Heart 043 Flower pattern 4 Heart 043 Flower pattern 5

Layer the pieces from Page 1 and Page 2 and those from Page 3 and Page 4. Weave the two parts in the same way as explained for Heart #042, just mind all the little tips and bows tending to get entangled.

I included a 5th template (Part 5/5) for a solid inner piece to go with the pieces from Page 3 and 4, if you prefer that. It is but an option.

And cut files: Heart 043 Flower cut 1 ; Heart 043 Flower cut 2 ; Heart 043 Flower cut 3 ; Heart 043 Flower cut 4 ; Heart 043 Flower cut 5

Heart #043 is made from four pieces of different colour. When you have paper in 4 different colours you may choose to use the paper in 24 different ways and thus you may make 24 different hearts. On the small pictures below you can see how different the hearts turn out.

bgor bgro bogr borg brgo brog gbor gbro gobr gorb grbo grob obgr obrg ogbr ogrb orbg orgb rbgo rbog rgbo rgob robg rogb

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