PaperMatrix’ first book FLETVÆRK (Braiding) has just been sent to the printers. The book is 140 pages and the language is Danish. FLETVÆRK includes templates for more than 50 woven items, and tips for numerous variants. We have included some of the most popular items from this blog – like the spheres and the hot air balloons, and we have designed some you never saw before. We have new cones, in particular a pretty one in triaxial weaving, new baskets, a cute rocket, princess crowns, chiming bells and the sweetest egg box. Some items are very simple to make, some are advanced. We have strived to prepare thorough instructions and step by step illustrations. FLETVÆRK will be in the shops (Denmark) from start December. It may also be ordered directly from the publisher Klematis and sent to you by mail. This is a link showing you the entire book: Fletværk.

14 thoughts on “FLETVÆRK

    • Tak Margit
      Dejligt at høre fra dig. Bogen har været sjov og lærerig at lave; men det har også været et meget stort arbejde. Det er gået noget ud over kreativiteten på bloggen. Det er så uendeligt meget nemmere med en blog, hvor man bare kan lave, hvad man lige har lyst til, og så lægge det ud helt uforpligtende. Med en bog skal man tænke på helhed og sværhedsgrad, og at det man skriver ikke bare er korrekt, men at det også kan forstås – og tidsplan. Det er ikke spor mere spændende end alle mulige andre jobs. Det er selvfølgelig så alt sammen glemt, når bogen først ligger der.

    • Thank you Carol.
      January 31. 2011 you sent me an e-mail asking: “Have you tried making spheres?” I immediately took up the challenge. Having figured out how to make a cone I more or less had an idea of what the principle would be, but the results were poor indeed. I still keep the first attempt. It looks much like a sombrero. It was only when Anna took over adding her 3d Rhino skills that the shape turned out a perfect sphere. In a short time she also designed an egg, more spheres and an onion dome. These items form the backbone of the book Fletværk.
      I believe that this is a wonderful example of the web’s value as a place where people with common interests from all around the globe may meet and share ideas and accomplish new and quite unexpected results.

  1. I found out about the two german books today. It’s sad, that it is not as much pages as the one you publish in danish. So I’m hoping for an english version of your 140 pages book.

  2. I don’t know how the world of publishing works, but if you need English publishers, Lark Books in the US and Search Press in the UK both publish lots of papercraft books. We all would love to see this book in English. Thanks for sharing so much of your talent and creativity with us through the years!

    • Thank you for your interest. We are currently preparing a book in English for Quarry. The work title is “The Art of Paper Weaving”. It will be 160 pages and includes 60 projects. We just handed in the Quarter Manuscript and the rest is due for September 1. Publishing is scheduled for next spring/summer. Lene

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