Red Fly Agaric #01 & #02

Agaric 1

Anna designed these cute Red Fly Agaric. She made two different shapes and you may rescale the templates to get even more varieties. The white spots you may apply in the amount of your own choice.

Fly agaric was first described by Carl Linnaeus (Swedish botanist and the father of modern taxonomy) in 1753, as Agaricus muscarius, the epithet deriving from the Latin ‘musca’, or ‘fly’, apparently referring to its use in parts of Europe as an insecticide, crushed in milk for attracting and killing flies. It is amongst the most iconic of the toadstools, commonly depicted in children’s books and on Christmas cards around the world. It is a common and widespread fungus, native to much of the north-temperate world (Wikipedia).

PaperMatrix-Red Fly Agaric-1    PaperMatrix-Red Fly Agaric-2

For one fungus you need to cut out the templates on the Page twice. However, the top of the fungus needs to be in two shades of red (C&D) while the bottom and the spots should be white (A&B). You weave the top as if it was Sphere #001. If you want to hang the fungus make a hole in the top centre and add a piece of string. The bottom is woven in the same way as a simple Hot Air Balloon. After weaving crease the last row of diamonds so that they form a ring of small triangles on which the top may rest. Fix top and bottom with glue. The white spots you just glue on the top where you like.

Agaric 01 bottom topAgaric 01 top lowAgaric 01 topAgaric 02 bottom topAgaric 02 top lowAgaric 02 top

Red Fly Agaric #01 is the easiest one to weave. Weaving #02 is more demanding as the arms are narrow and the end triangles small. But we have added a little extra length to all arms to ease weaving.

Files for cutting are: PaperMatrix-Red Fly Agaric Bottom 01 02 Spots ; PaperMatrix-Red Fly Agaric Top 01 ; PaperMatrix-Red Fly Agaric Top 02

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