Woven Pencil

woven pencil pencil pattern 03

The Woven Pencil is a challenge for those of you addicted to detail. For weaving the spherical top in the small size necessary a pair of tweezers is mandatory. You also need some paper clips for weaving the pencil shaft.

pencil pattern 01pencil pattern 02

You need two or possibly three colours of paper. Items in the same colour appear on the same page of templates. You need to cut out the eight pieces indicated (P1) to (P7 mirrored).

First weave the pencil from the two large “fans” (P1) and (P2). You start the pencil by creasing the flap of piece (P1). Then glue the piece (P2) onto the front of (P1), edges of bottom cone aligned and “arms” swirling in opposite directions. The colour of (P1) will then show at the point. Form and fix the bottom cone with glue. Weave the pencil shaft “free hand” (no mould) keeping the arms temporarily together with the paper clips when needed. Line up frequently and take care that the small diamonds form straight rows up along the pencil’s shaft.

When all is woven you shall prepare the mould. Score and crease the piece (P6) along the dotted lines. Form the pencil and fix it with glue using the flap. Insert the mould in the pencil to support the shape. Align the edges with the diamonds and press down until fully inserted and nothing shows along the upper edge.

Align the weaving so that all arms appear equally long. Fix with glue along the upper edge. Smear glue on the strip (P3) and fix it above the second row of diamonds from above of opposite colour (compare photo). Smear glue on the strip (P4) and fix it just below the upper edge of the pencil shaft. Smear glue on the last strip (P5) and fix it along the centre line of (P4) (like on photo).

Weave a half sphere from the two pieces (P7) and (P7 mirrored). Start as explained for the hot air balloon, making sure that no unused slit shows near the center. Weave as much as possible while flat. Then tighten the weaving and the shape starts going 3d. The item is so small that paper clips are of no use. Just weave the arms as much as possible and fix with glue one by one. You need not weave the full arm, just enough to get a half sphere. When all arms are done, smear glue on the remaining unwoven parts and close the pencil shaft by inserting the arms and pressing down, so that only the half sphere shows.

And files for cutting:  pencil cut 01 ; pencil cut 02 ; pencil cut 03

5 thoughts on “Woven Pencil

  1. I want to thank you for this incredible and beautiful project and for the free patterns. What a gift to receive today on Mother’s Day! Sending a hug! Elsita 🙂

  2. UF!!! Tym razem poprzeczka podniesiona bardzo wysoko. A może coś prostszego, co mogłabym zaproponować dzieciom? Serdecznie pozdrawiam. Joanna

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