Heart #046 Teddy Bears

046 teddy 4   Heart 046 teddy pattern 1 Heart 046 teddy pattern 2 Heart 046 teddy pattern 3

This cute Heart with Teddy Bears is designed by Anna. It must be admitted – it is detailed and rather time consuming to cut out by hand. For the Heart with Teddy Bears you need paper in three colours. The paper may be any paper in quality form 70 g/m2 up to 100 g/m2. The heart is pretty when you use darker colours for the bears and lighter colours for the general surface.

For this heart one part consists of one piece and the other of two pieces. The two pieces are packed before you start weaving. You start the heart like this: The piece from Page 1 remains a single layer. The pieces from Page 2 and Page 3 are layered . You weave and finish the heart just like explained for Heart with many Circles. The piece from Page 1 is the part corresponding to the part with the large holes.

THREE J illustration 1

THREE J illustration 2 + THREE J illustration 3 =  THREE J illustration 4

And files for cutting: Heart 046 teddy cut 1 ; Heart 046 teddy cut 2 ;Heart 046 teddy cut 3

3 thoughts on “Heart #046 Teddy Bears

  1. This took me a long tome to cut out and prepare. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t figure out how to weave this…so disappointed. I’ve done other projects like this, but this was just too difficult. I wish there was a video showing how to do it:(

    • Oh! I am so sorry to hear that. Cutting this heart by hand is a huge task. For learning how to weave the heart it definitely helps to practice preparing the simpler Heart #006, before you venture into making the Teddy Bear Heart. The instructions for Heart #006 are, however, rather scarce. Heart #042 has 4 layers, but it is woven following the same principles as #006. I have included more thorough instructions for #042. If you want to give it another try then cut out Heart #006 (need not be perfect) and weave it like Heart #042. When you are confident with the process go back to the Teddy Bears.

      • Okay, thank you for your response. I might give it another try at some point. There are some YouTube videos on assembling PaperMatrix projects (balloon and jarbox…), but non of the hearts. Do you plan to put any more on (especially since Valentine’s day is coming up)?

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