Triaxial Heart

triaxial heart

The Triaxial Heart illustrates how the triaxial weaving technique may be adapted to a heart shape. To facilitate the pattern the angle at the heart’s point is now 60°. First you weave the heart from two layers, then you weave in the strips of the third layer one by one. This process is far easier than weaving three layers simultaneously. However, this is only possible, because the strips are the same width all the way.

Triaxial heart 1 pattern Triaxial heart 2 pattern

You need paper in three contrasting colours or patterns (colours A, B, and C), from 80g/m2 to 110g/m2 in weight, and glue to fix the handle.

Cut page 1 in colours A and B, and page 2 in colour C. This will give you pieces enough to make 2 hearts.

triaxial heart drawing 1

Take two large heart parts of different colour and weave like an ordinary heart, but for this heart the weaving pattern is “one over” – “ two below” etc. as shown on the illustration.

triaxial heart drawing 2

Crease the longer strips in colour C where indicated. Weave in the strips from the sides, starting from the heart’s point with the shortest of the set of creased strips. You weave half strip by half strip, face by face. The strips go where shown. The upper strips are cut in two so that the heart may open.

triaxial heart drawing 3

The pattern when woven shall look like this. The location of the strips’ creases is indicated with heavy dashes. Secure the very short strips with glue. Add the handle.

And files for cutting: Triaxial heart 1 cut ; Triaxial heart 2 cut

3 thoughts on “Triaxial Heart

  1. I love this one since I love triaxial. Am glad you didn’t weave all three directions at once. I am always sorry for people who end up wanting to learn and that is how they are taught. It can be so frustrating. Will definitely be making this one.

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