Drum #003 Triaxial

drum 003 triaxial 1

This Christmas challenge is a drum with triaxial waving. The pieces you need to make 1 drum are included on 5 sheets. One sheet for each of the 5 different colours required.

drum 003 triaxial pattern 1drum 003 triaxial pattern 2drum 003 triaxial pattern 3drum 003 triaxial pattern 4drum 003 triaxial pattern 5

The principles for weaving are the same as those explained for the Box woven from three Layers. You assemble the drum in the same way as shown for Drum #001. I shall not include detailed instructions, but here are some hints:

  • The drum cylinder is woven from three cylinders starting from one edge and working upwards like you start the cylinder of the Box woven from three Layers.
  • Part 4 includes a wide paper strip. This may serve as a mould inside the drum cylinder helping you to obtain the same circumference at the two edges.
  • When you have woven the drum cylinder, tighten the strips to fit the mould and secure all strips with glue. Smear glue on one of the narrow strips and place it near the edge of the cylinder, the inner edge following the long diagonal of the horizontal diamonds. Look at the picture to get it right. The cylinder is taller than required. When the glue has dried, cut away any surplus material outside the strip. Add the other narrow strip along the other edge in the same way.
  • The faces of the drumheads are almost identical to the lid of the Box woven from three Layers. The only difference is the number of arms.

Here are the files for cutting: drum 003 triaxial cut 1 ; drum 003 triaxial cut 2 ; drum 003 triaxial cut 3 ; drum 003 triaxial cut 4 ; drum 003 triaxial cut 5

8 thoughts on “Drum #003 Triaxial

  1. The fourth piece downloads as a powerpoint file rather than the option to download as a PDF file. Is there a reason for the difference?

  2. Hvor er den smuk! Hvor køber I det fine metal skinnende tynde papir som det guldfarvede i den højre tromme? I gamle dage kunne man købe det sammen med glanspapir. Nu er det mest mat papir, og jeg kan støve det andet op nogen steder? Tak for jeres fantastiske og inspirerende side!

    • Det guld er jeg også meget begejstret for. Det er købt i en pakke med 10 stykker i størrelse A4 hos Kontor og Papir i Hjørring. Men sidst jeg var der, havde de det ikke, ellers havde jeg nok købt mere. Lene

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