Sphere #012 Circles

Sphere with circles 1

Sphere with circles 2        Sphere with circles 3

Sphere #012 with circles is prepared in the same way as Sphere #001. You need 2 times 12 arms to make the sphere. I used 2 shades of red and two shades of yellow; i.e. 4 times 6 arms. If you use paper with colour or pattern on one side only remember to mirror half of the arms.

Sphere 012 with circles pattern

You may choose to start the sphere using the small circular piece included for fixing the arms or you may fix the arms pair by pair, and then again – as indicated on the pictures below.

Fixing step 1 Fixing step 2 Fixing step 3

When you weave you need to line up carefully row by row forming the circular pattern. In that way the arms will fit, and making a pretty closure is no problem. A pair of tweezers is a good help too.

Files for cutting: Sphere with circles cut

3 thoughts on “Sphere #012 Circles

    • From your outcry, I cannot say exactly what your difficulties might be. But it helps a lot, if you are well acquainted with the process of making Sphere #001. #007 is like it. The easier way to start a sphere is by fixing all 2 x 12 arms to a small circular piece. First one set and then the other. The small triangles must make an exact fit. And then while weaving remember to tighten the arms until the correct pattern appears. Lene

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