Sphere #014 with Triangles

sphere 14 15

sphere 14 16sphere 14 14

The arms for the Sphere with Triangles are made following the principle used for Heart #050 with Triangles. First you prepare each arm from two parts of different colour and then weave them together like the simple Sphere #001.

Sphere 014 triangles in 4 colours pattern 1 Sphere 014 triangles in 4 colours pattern 2

The Sphere is made from 2 times 12 arms. Each arm is made from 2 pieces cut from different templates. You may combine and weave the pieces in different ways.

This tutorial is for the sphere shown on the picture.

Cut the following pieces in paper of quality 80 – 110 g/m2:

  • 12 arms type 1 in colour A (here they are black)
  • 12 arms type 2 in colour B (turquoise)
  • 12 arms type 1 mirrored in colour C (dark red)
  • 12 arms type 2 mirrored in colour D (pale red)
  • 1 circular piece in colour A and 1 in colour B

First thing to do is to “twirl” together the two different arm pieces.

sphere 14 1

1. Place the two pieces you want to twirl next to each other. The “heads” with the small cut shall be at the top.

sphere 14 2

2. Place the piece with the longest “head” (black) on top of the other (turquoise). No holes must show.

sphere 14 3

3. Now you must twirl the two arm pieces. Keep together the two pieces of the “head” with left hands thumb and forefinger. With your right hand lift up the piece in front (black) and place it behind the other piece (turquoise) using the first notch along the right edge of the turquoise piece to make the colours shift while still maintaining the outer shape of the arm.

sphere 14 4

4. Again lift up the piece in the upper layer (turquoise) and place it behind the other piece (black) using the next notch along the right edge to make the colours shift.

sphere 14 5

5. Continue twirling until all notches are used. Twirl the remaining 11 arms in the same way.

sphere 14 6      sphere 14 7      sphere 14 8

6. Prepare also the 12 mirrored arms. Here the dark red piece is the one showing at the “head”.

sphere 14 9

7. Weave the sphere just like Sphere #001.

sphere 14 10

8. Glue the arms to the circular piece. The triangles you glue should all be those with the small cut. Weave as much as possible while still flat.

sphere 14 11

9. Consider the back side of the project. If you prefer horizontal stripes, this side may show on the surface of the sphere.

sphere 14 13  sphere 14 12

10. Tighten the weaving using paper clips and the project will go 3d.

11. Weave the rest and secure pairs of arms with glue. Cover the closure with a circular piece if you prefer.

Here are pdf-files for cutting: Sphere 014 triangles in 4 colours cut 1 ; Sphere 014 triangles in 4 colours cut 2



4 thoughts on “Sphere #014 with Triangles

  1. I have to tell you…This is the easiest one of your spheres to weave. It comes out nice and round and closes the easiest of any of your other spheres I’ve done. I’ve made about four of these in different designs (stripes vs. diamonds) and each one has been a pleasure. Wonderful design!

    • Thanks, Susan. We are pleased to learn that you find this sphere “easy” to make. We strive to design our projects so that they are simple to prepare – yet looking impressive. We are aware that some projects can be rather a challenge. But we love to check out new ideas and it is only be constantly trying that we now and then hit on a true success.

  2. That was fun! I never did nothing like this and was really hard to start with this sphere in 4 colours, hahaha. Thanks for sharing! Amazing design.

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