Heart #054 Ghosts

Halloween 2015

The small Ghost Heart #054 is another variation of the swirling Heart #003. If you are familiar with weaving #003, preparing the Ghost Heart is simple.

heart 054 pattern 1 Ghostsheart 054 pattern 2 Ghosts

The heart is much like #003, but not quite the same and we include detailed instructions.


Image115   Image16

Cut out and fold the two parts along their line of symmetry and place them next to each other – exactly as shown on the picture.

The instructions below use the names of the flaps and strips indicated. Consider that each part of the heart has a flap (A and a) and two strips (B+C and b+c). When you weave, you weave the strips. The flaps must just end up visible. This means that when the heart is done there will be in total 2 x 2 = 4 woven “squares”. They are “B over b”, “B under c”, “C under b”, and “C over c”.


Place the orange part inside the grey. The two folded edges should be perpendicular to each other forming the heart’s two straight edges. Right now, the first “square” – the grey between the heart’s rounded sections – “B over b” is actually already in place.


The next “square” to weave is “B under c” – this is the orange area to the left of “B over b”. Twist the heart and pull the orange strip and swirling ghosts of strip c out through the short slit between the grey flap A and strip B. It is the most difficult step of the process, so take your time. Remember to work on both sides of the heart.

Line up the heart. The swirling orange ghost of strip c should touch the end of the grey slit between A and B and form a pretty smooth arch.


Next you shall prepare weaving the orange “square” “C under b” located above the grey “B over b”. Pull the grey strip C out, up, towards the right, and free of strip b of the orange piece.

Insert the grey strip C into the loop of the orange strip b.

Consider the short slit between the orange flap a and strip b. This slit and the slit between the grey strips B and C must be aligned so that they form another pretty smooth arch – on both sides of the heart.

Line up the heart.


The last “square” to weave is the grey ”C above c”. Just insert the orange strip c into the loop of the grey strip C.

Finally you carefully line up the swirling ghosts to form the flat swirling pattern in the center.

The handle is a chain fixed to the hole between the hearts two rounded sections. The individual chain parts are made from two identical shapes of different colour. Making them is easiest if you start by aligning the two pieces turning them so that the small cuts do NOT overlap. Then fix with glue a three points, but NOT within the short overlap. In that way the chain part may open, be attached to the chain and then secured with glue.

And files for cutting: heart 054 cut 1 Ghosts ; heart 054 cut 2 Ghosts

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