Heart #055 Triaxial Stars


Heart #055 is a heart prepared using the triaxial weaving technique. The heart is made using the principles explained for the “Triaxial Heart” #047; first you weave the heart from two layers, then you insert the strips of the third. To generate the star pattern every third (yellow) strip has been replaced with one in dark colour (red) acting as a background. To make the heart more vibrant we have used three different yellow colours and three different red.

heart 055 pattern Page 1 heart 055 pattern Page 2

heart 055 pattern Page 3

heart 055 pattern Page 4 heart 055 pattern Page 5

If you are not familiar with weaving a triaxial heart, prepare “Triaxial Heart” #047 before preparing this #055. #047 has fewer strips and only three colours.

For Heart #055 you need paper in six colors, from 80g/m2 to 110g/m2 in weight. You also need glue to fix the handle. Tweezers is a must to help weaving in the horizontal strips.

The templates are presented on 5 different sheets. Cut 6 sheets:

  • Sheet 1, background part A (dark red)
  • Sheet 2, background part B (bright reed)
  • Sheet 3, stars part C (dark yellow)
  • Sheet 3, stars part C (bright yellow)
  • Sheet 4, horizontal strips parts D for background (very dark red)
  • Sheet 5, horizontal strips parts E for stars (light yellow).

This will give you pieces enough to make 2 hearts.

heart 055 image 1a   heart 055 image 1b

Part                        A                                                       C

heart 055 image 1cheart 055 image 1d

Part            B                                             C

Fold Parts A, B and the two Parts C along their lines of symmetry.

heart 055 image 1ab   heart 055 image 1cd

Wrap Part A (dark red) around Part C (dark yellow) and wrap Part B (bright red) around Part C (bright yellow).

heart 055 image 2

Weave the two assemblies together like an ordinary heart. However, the difference is that the weaving pattern is in general “one below” – “ two over” etc. as shown on the picture. Observe that in order to make an edge in the background colour the weaving pattern is not strictly following this simple procedure near the edges.


heart 055 image 3

Crease the angled strips in colour D and E along their line of symmetry. Weave in the strips from the sides, starting from the heart’s point with the shortest of the set of creased strips. You weave half strip by half strip, face by face. The strips go where shown.

heart 055 image 4

The pattern woven shall look like this. If you like you may secure the very short strips with glue to keep them in place.

Add the handles.

And files for cutting: heart 055 Page 1 ; heart 055 Page 2 ; heart 055 Page 3 ; heart 055 Page 4 ; heart 055 Page 5

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