Here are the teddies, for you to dress…

… and some ready to print sheets:

… and Teddy’s wardrobe:

…finally Teddy’s bed and cover:

8 thoughts on “Teddies

  1. Hi, I got here by chance, while searching for paper dolls to add to my pc collection (I adore paper dolls) and I wanted to say I love your Teddy and its clothes. I will put another post about paperdolls on my blog soon and I wanted to put a link to your blog and your Teddy. I’m from Portugal, so my blog is in portuguese.
    Teresa Cardoso

    • Thank You, Teresa. Teddy has his own life, but it is always a pleasure and a reward when someone introduces him to a wider audience. I hope he will thrive in Portugal. Lene

  2. I can’t ait to print tese out for my granddaughter.They are so cut na great way to introduce her to paper dolls. Thank you so much forhis beautiful work.

      • Download and save the pdf file to your computer. Open the pdf in Inkscape (or some other program that can edit vector files like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator–if you have one). Inkscape is free, by the way….
        Save the file as a DXF or SVG. Open in Silhouette Studio or RoboMaster. Cut!
        Advice given by Carol for Joined Basket #016

  3. Hello Papermatrixes. This is awesome!. I just went crazy downloading teddies and outfits, and can’t wait formy toddlers to come home so we can play together.
    They are soooo beautiful and lovely. Thank you sooo much for sharing your work!!

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