Egg #001

Varying the shape of the strips of the sphere you may weave an Easter Egg. The procedure is the same as explained for Sphere #001. Start gluing the 10 strips narrow end to the smallest circle. Take great care that it is indeed the narrow end for all strips. After weaving and gluing together the strips you may cover the opening with the circle you find has the best fit.

Weaving an egg is much easier than weaving a sphere. You are not required to make the upper and lower part of the shape symmetrical.

This is a -.pdf file for cutting egg001 cut

7 thoughts on “Egg #001

  1. I don’t understand how to make this work. I glued 10 together, but no way I can weave this into an egg. I’m dying to see some pictures of the process, or a precise explanation how to weave it. Could someone please help me out?

    • Hi Doris! Weaving spheres and cones is not quite easy. I think you should do a bit of training before venturing into making an egg. Start making Cone #001 following the instructions for that. This will teach you the weaving principle. Then go to Sphere #001 and read the instructions for this item. But you are of course right. A proper tutorial is indeed wanted.

  2. I followed your advice and started reading about the cone and sphere, easy as that I discovered that I had to cut 20 strips instead of 10. The egg is now finished, it’s not as neat as the one above, but it surely looks like an egg. I’ll try to make a sphere soon too.
    Thank you for sharing your weaving knowledge here!

  3. i made this 😉 before weaving in the last rows i filled it with chocolates.. gonna gift it to a friend tomorrow 😀 thanks!! it looks amazing!!
    The only thing i altered here is i have glued the top with a flower and used vellum like material

  4. I have not long arrived and am amazed and delighted. I have downloaded a bunch of examples and look forward to making a start. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

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