Wycinanki #002: Fan Flower Heads

The shape of the Fan Flower Heads is well suited for filling in between the large round Flower Heads. The fans will help to enhance the crowded look in your Wycinanki paper cutting. The individual pieces for the fans also come in families – like shown on the figure below.

Flower Head #004:

Flower Head #005:

Flower Head #006:

You may notice I have not fixed the pieces of the flower heads. I need the freedom to be able to rearrange the individual colours when everything is put together in the big paper cutting.

And the cut files: flower 004 cut ; flower 005 cut ; flower 006 cut

2 thoughts on “Wycinanki #002: Fan Flower Heads

  1. These wycinanki flowers are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them. I am so excited to try them.

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