Wycinanki #003: Buds and Leaves

Designing your Wycinanki paper cutting, you need some smaller items to fill in between the Flower Heads. I have made patterns for some Flower Buds and some Leaves including a Centre Base.

You may mix the pieces for the Flower Buds as you like. I have included some suggestions.

The style of the Leaves varies much. Possibly do not mix all shapes in the same picture. You may also use the green part of the Buds.

And the cut files: flowers 007 cut 1 ; flowers 007 cut 2 ; leaves 001 cut 1 ; leaves 001 cut 2

6 thoughts on “Wycinanki #003: Buds and Leaves

  1. I am still amazed at your and Anna’s talent. Just breath taking. I would like to know what paper cutting machine you are using though. I have been cutting with scissors and think I would like to investigate a machine. Paula

    • Thank you so much Paula. My cutter is a Silhouette SD, a simple non professional craft machine. Easy to install and mechanically it has worked fine, no problems. Last Christmas Anna bought a newer model, same manufacturer. This machine is much like mine, but able to handle a larger paper size.

      • Thanks so very much. I will investigate the silhouette cutting machine. Please keep the patterns coming. LOVE THEM!!

  2. Oh, my goodness, have I died and gone to heaven?? These “accessories” are beautiful. I can’t wait to give them a try. Thank you very, very much!

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