Sugar Scull #01 and #02

sugar scull 1 picture

We have had fun making Sugar Sculls. We made one each. They are made just like the joined heart baskets, each side made from two layers. We refrained from metallic paper, glitter glue and rhinestones, but that is definitely an option.

sugar scull 2 picture

sugar scull 2 pattern 1 sugar scull 2 pattern 2 sugar scull 2 pattern 3 sugar scull 2 pattern 4

The individual chain parts are made from two identical pieces. Making them is easiest if you start by aligning the two pieces turning them so that the small cuts do NOT overlap. Then fix with glue a three points, but NOT within the short overlap. In that way the chain part may open, be attached (to the scull or the chain) and then closed with glue.

Here are pdf-files for cutting : sugar scull 1 cut 1 2 3 4 ; sugar scull 2 cut 1 ; sugar scull 2 cut 2 ; sugar scull 2 cut 3 ; sugar scull 2 cut 4

12 thoughts on “Sugar Scull #01 and #02

  1. Are there more specific instructions? I’m having a hard time understanding what to do with all the pieces and how it should be folded.

    • Try going to the “Joined” Page on the blog. Make something simple first learning the joining principle. The sculls are just made from two layers joined simultaneously. Fold each piece along the symmetry line. Open up. Make one stack with those with a cut from below and another with those with a cut from above. The pieces with most paper cut away must be on the outside etc when you fold again. When joining sets of several layers you may keep them together while joining using paperclips near the top. Take care though not to make impress marks. Lene

    • You just cut each of the four parts out following the lines indicated. Observe that they look alike in pairs. One, however, has slits coming from above, one from below.

      • Ok,thank you! The second skull pattern is a bit confusing with the ‘eye sockets’,but I figured it out. Do you put the template over a cardstock paper or just give color to the template?

      • You need not use cardstock. 80 g/m2 simple coloured copy paper is fine and may be fed into a printer. Download the jpg-files and print the pattern directly on the paper (no scaling). Then cut out the items. If you have a digital cutting machine you may use the pdf-“cut-files” to generate the files you need for the machine. Lene

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