Balloon with zig-zag pattern

ballonerWe have done some exploring, and found that the twirling of balloon 008 holds a lot of potential for new exciting patterns. One, which we find is rather fun and quirky is the zig-zag pattern. This is generated through a different directions (vertical and horizontal) of the twirled arms.

Beneath, is a diagram of how to twirl and glue the balloon, in order to generate this pattern.

The balloon uses 4 colours. Two slightly similar dark blue and two types of bright gold. It is possible to make it a two coloured balloon as well. Just use the same paper for the dark arms and same paper for the bright arms.


Arm type 1 and 2 consist of a mate dark blue and shiny gold

Arm type 3 and 4 consist of a velvet dark blue and a glimmer gold

You can find the pattern for balloon #008 on this link. Large Balloon #008 with Triangles

Iso - stadard2-red

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