Hot Air Balloon #007


Anna has designed a new pattern for a larger Hot Air Balloon. Using the templates provided the balloon is as large as possible cut from a 30.5 x 30.5 cm sheet of heavy paper or thin card board. The height of the balloon from basket to top is about 12 cm.


1. To make a balloon cut two sheets of pieces in the colours you prefer. If your paper has a different front and back, remember to mirror one set.

bal 7 1

2. Place the two main swirling pieces flat on the table arms swirling in opposite directions. All strips are joined already and you may start weaving immediately.

bal 7 2

3. To get the top star right, you need to start by weaving a narrow arm with a fat, a fat with a narrow and so on.

bal 7 3   bal 7 4

4. It is important to tighten the top star. Pull gently arms of different colour originating near the same cut. Work your way around the center until no unused cut remains.

bal 7 5

5. Weave as much as possible while still flat.

bal 7 6    bal 7 8

6. Tighten and your project goes 3D. When weaving use paper clips to keep the arms temporarily together. You only need to secure the pairs of wider strips when they meet.

bal 7 7   bal 7 9

7. Make sure to tighten the weaving well as you weave.

bal 7 10

8. Use glue to secure the 12 arms at the edge when finished.

9. Choose the basket and arched pieces from the same colour as the top centre of the balloon. The cords holding the basket should be of the other colour.

bal 7 11

10. First fix the horizontal bar at the end of the 6 cords to the outside of the balloon. The bar should go near the edge just below the last small woven square. Let them dry. Leave the strip holding the cords open.

bal 7 12

11. Next fix the wide arched strip along the edge on the outside of the balloon. The longer edge should follow the diagonal of the last row of squares. Press down to make a tight fit.

12. Form the small basket. Fix the sides using the small notch as a guide. Smear glue on the small flaps of the bottom and press down inside the basket. Let it dry.

bal 7 13

13. Smear glue along the upper edge outside the basket. Also smear glue on the inside of the open strip holding the cords. Roll the strip around the basket upper edges aligned. Tighten and press down.

14, To hang the balloon make a small hole in the centre of the top and fix a piece of string tying a pearl or like to the end inside the balloon.

And a file for cutting: Balloon007

9 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon #007

  1. Finally, I figured it out!! Getting it started was the challenge along with keeping it tight and in place.
    Patience is a must with this one. Thanks for the fun…

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