Sphere #002

This is a gingerbread version of the sphere. You cut out and weave just as described for Sphere #001. Start at the pole with the flower. When you have weaved the sphere and fixed the small triangles two and two at the other pole with a little glue, pull the strips gently so that the pattern lines up and the hole (nearly) closes. Do not despair if the lower hemisphere is not quite as pretty as the upper. Lining up is difficult. Cover with a circle in the size that fits best. A pair of tweezers is nearly a must. Don’t attempt fixing the strips in the exact pattern as you go along, the sphere will be bulky and impossible to line up in the end.

This is a -.pdf file for cutting. sphere 002 pattern

10 thoughts on “Sphere #002

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    • Thank you! But that is not difficult at all.
      When I want to cut something from one of the pdf(vector)-files I include on the blog (“cut-files”) , I do like this:
      I open a new document in Inkscape (free software) (A4 landscape usually). Then I IMPORT the pdf-file I want using highest resolution. Move it to the centre of the paper. This I save as a dxf-file “Using ROBO-master type of spline output”. The dxf-file I then open from Silhouette Studio. I set the paper size and “make” the lines to move them into the sheet. If it is to be very elegant I may select everything, “release”, remove the frame introduced, and “make” again. I may also rescale. Them I cut. The finished file I save as a studio-file to use again sometime. Lene

    • The sphere has two poles (the round sections where you start and where you end the weaving process). The two poles are alike for Sphere #001. For Sphere #002 the two poles are different due to the pattern of the arms. Look at the picture, and you will see a red flower like shape on one sphere and an orange more pointet shape on another. Look also carefully at the arms. Their ends are also different. You should start the sphere turning the arms so that the rounded end fits the flower like round piece. Lene

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