Onion Dome Box #002

The top of this Onion Dome Box #002 is made in the same way as you would make a cone. Cut 4 times 6 strips in the colours you like. Because of the shape of the individual strips you have to cut them out individually. Score the strips making rectangles in the wide end. Glue the pointed end of the strip to a small cone in the colour you would like the top to have. First one layer and then on top the other with the strips swirling in the other direction. See the small pictures. Weave what you can while flat. Form the cone, fix with glue and you may continue weaving.


Take care to line up what you weave to make a symmetrical form. Use possibly Part 4 as a mold inside for the pointed top. After weaving fix the strips two by two. Form a paper circle by one of the simple strips from Part 3. The radius is determined by the small cut. Fix the paper circle to the outside of the dome base with paper clips. Take care to distribute the strip pairs evenly. Fix with glue and add a strip with small triangles to generate the zigzag pattern.

The lower part  of the box is made just as described for the Onion Dome Box of  June 28. 2011. The only difference is that the pattern for the present box is scaled by a factor of 1.28. The scaling was done to generate an Onion Dome with strips at the top less fragile. If you prefer a different size of box you may rescale all the parts.

I have also included patterns for a box with double strips. In order to make a more smooth onion dome the strips split in two after a while. Choosing and mixing colours for this box is somewhat difficult as the pattern is not simple – and it turns out less pretty. An option is omitting a weave where you would prefer the other colour.

And files for cutting: onion dome 002 single part 1 cut ; onion dome 002 single part 2 cut ; onion dome 002 part 3 cut ; onion dome 002 part 4 cut ; onion dome 002 double part 1 cut ; onion dome 002 double part 2 cut

10 thoughts on “Onion Dome Box #002

  1. Dear Lene, you are a GENIUS!!!!!!! I and my husband AAAAAAADMIRE your creations! My husband used to do a lot of paper crafts together with his mother, so he is DEEPLY impressed by your outstanding work. Well, he said that he was “blasted” when he saw what you have made. Now he plans to make the spheres and dome as a gift for his mom and then teach her how to do it. We thank you countless times for your generosity when sharing with us your INCREDIBLE talent!
    You have huge fans in Switzerland.

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