Halloween Lamp Shade


Halloween 2014 1 Halloween 2014 2

The Halloween Lamp Shade has narrow black stripes resembling the legs of a giant spider. The size of the lamp shade shown is 16 cm between upper and lower edge. You may rescale the templates to get another size as you prefer. Remember, do take care and only use the lamp shade for a modern low energy LED light bulb – and still make sure to provide good ventilation.

For a 16 cm lamp shade in two colours, A (here black) and B (here orange), you need:

  • 11 sheets of A4 paper in colour A and 5 sheets in colour B
  • A piece of string or pretty ribbon
  • A lamp with a steel frame to carry the lamp shade
  • Steel ruler and needle for scoring and pulling the string/ribbon through the small holes

Halloween lamp shade 1 pattern Halloween lamp shade 2 pattern Halloween lamp shade 3 pattern

Halloween lamp shade 4 pattern Halloween lamp shade 5 pattern

The lamp shade is made from the same kind of template as the simple cone, and the weaving process is similar.

  • From Part 1 cut 6 pieces in colour A (6 sheets). Each piece has 3 narrow and 3 wide arms.
  • From Part 2 cut 18 wide arms in colour B (5 sheets).
  • From Part 3 cut 18 narrow arms in colour A (2 sheets)
  • From Part 4 cut 1 ring strip in colour A (1 sheet)
  • From Part 5 cut 10 arched strips in colour A (2 sheets)

You weave the Halloween Lamp Shade like this:

  • Take the ring strip in colour A and fix the 18 narrow arms in colour A and 18 wide arms in colour B, colours alternating and arms arch at the base aligned with the inner arch of the ring strip. All arms swirling in the same direction. Be precise. There is room enough for all, but if it turns out that the ring strip is either too large or too small just cut the ring and add or remove what is required. Since the ring strip will form the upper edge on your lamp shade make sure that the adjustment does not show on front
  • Fix the second set of arms in colour A in the same way, bases aligned with those of the arms in the layer below, arms now swirling in the opposite direction. Be precise. The base of the narrow arms must be exactly above the base of the narrow arms in the layer below. Otherwise it is not possible to weave.
  • Weave all arms while the project is still flat on the table
  • Line up and fix with a little glue along the outer edge
  • Turn the project so that the upper ring strip is showing. Smear glue on one of the large arched strips and fix it aligned with and outside the outermost point of the last full woven square showing
  • Add more strips until the lower ring is complete
  • Flip the project rear side up and fix the remaining large arched strips along the lower edge on the inside of the lamp shade aligned with the strips already in place
  • Score the project from the centre and out. The score lines should run along the diagonals of the squares
  • Crease along every second scored line outwards and the rest inwards.
  • Use a needle to pull the string/ribbon through the small holes
  • Tighten and tie a not on the rear side or a bow in front. The diameter of the hole in top should be about 2 cm when the Lamp Shade lies flat on the table.

And files for cutting: Halloween lamp shade 1 cut ; Halloween lamp shade 2 cut ; Halloween lamp shade 3 cut ; Halloween lamp shade 4 cut ; Halloween lamp shade 5 cut

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