Woven Rhombic Triacontahedron

RC 11Rhombic triacontahedron PRINT

RC 10RC 9

This form is easy to weave but it takes some time. When woven from 6 colours the form will present all possible combinations of 3 and 5 colours in the points.

The woven Rhombic Triacontahedron has 30 faces and is made from 6 identical parts. I used 6 different colours. The template of a single piece must not have dimensions larger than what may fit onto a sheet of paper size A4. Thus each part is made from two pieces. I put four pieces on the pattern sheet though, because there was room for that.

For the Rhombic Triacontahedron the 2 different types of piece are just mirrored and I include no extra pattern for that. If you use paper with colour or a pattern on one side only consider this.

  1. Cut out the 2 x 6 pieces in six different colours (#1)
  2. On each piece score along the flap and along the imaginary lines connecting the corners to form five rhombs. You need to be very precise to get a pretty result
  3. Crease so that the pieces of the same colour swirl in opposite directions
  4. Layout the pieces as indicated on the picture (#2). In the circle formed by pieces in 5 colours, the colours of the pieces in the two sets must follow the same sequence. The last sets must be rotated one step so that the pieces of the same colour form continuous bands. In each set of pieces meant to be woven together the flaps must be situated in opposite ends
  5. Weave the five rhombs near the centre. Line up carefully and fix each and every small square with glue (#3)
  6. Form a point from the five rhombs. Use the flaps and glue to fix them (#4)
  7. Weave the five rhombs in between those you already made using the strips available. Line up carefully and fix every square with glue. (#5)
  8. Now you shall weave in the sixth colour. Take one piece and weave it in where it fits considering the form of the zigzag. You may choose any of the five locations possible. Line up carefully and fix every square with glue
  9. After weaving five rhombs take the remaining strip and fix it with glue to the rhomb you just made using the flap
  10. Weave the remaining five rhombs of this row (#6) and fix the last rhomb to the flab available
  11. By now all pieces are in the form and you just have to weave on as the strips present themselves. Line up very carefully and fix every square with glue (#7) (#8)
  12. Finally you shall close the form. Fix the five rhombs of the point using the flaps (#9). This is the most difficult part of the process. Fixing the last flaps may require a pair of tweezers.

RC 1#2RC 2RC 3RC 4RC 5RC 6RC 7RC 8

And a vector-pdf for cutting the pieces: Rhombic triacontahedron CUT

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