Sphere #010 Open


The arm for Sphere #010 is half the width of the arm for Sphere #001. You still need 2 times 12 arms to make the sphere, but where the invisible other half of the arms meet you will be able to look inside the sphere. To support the open look of Sphere #010 I also cut away some material at the two poles.

Sphere #010 Open pattern

I used (red) paper in weight 130 g/m2 and fixed another sheet of golden paper in weight 70 g/m2 to one side before I cut out the shapes. Thus cardboard in weights about 200 g/m2 works fine for this sphere. You may even use heavier cardboard to reduce distortion.

open sphere drawing 1   open sphere drawing 2

open sphere drawing 31   open sphere drawing 4

  • Cut 12 arms swirling one way and 12 mirrored arms swirling the opposite. You also need to cut out 4 star shaped rings
  • Take two arms swirling in opposite directions
  • Place one above the other so that two small triangles meet and cover exactly. See drawing 1. For clarification I used different colours for the two types of swirling arms. Fix with glue
  • Make all 12 sets of arms in this way
  • Take one of the star shaped rings. Take also one set of arms.
  • Fix the small double triangle to the ring. How see drawing 2
  • Fix all 12 sets of arms in the same way around the ring. The pointed end of the triangles shall meet at the center of the ring. See drawing 3
  • Cut away the pointed ends of the small triangles so that the central star of the ring is not impaired
  • Smear glue on another star shaped ring and align and fix it to the first ring so that the remaining sections of the small triangles lies in between, hidden
  • Weave the arms as much as possible while still flat on the table. See drawing 4
  • Secure the 12 last woven intersections with paper clips
  • Lift up the project and tighten the weaving to form the bottom of a spherical shape
  • Weave on removing and replacing the paper clips as you go
  • When you count 13 intersections along the arms (not counting where the arms start) you have woven enough
  • Next time two arms meet they shall be aligned so that the small triangles make a perfect fit. Secure them with glue
  • When all 12 sets of arms are fixed and the glue has dried, align the weaving to form a sphere shape. Pull the small double triangles gently to make the pointed ends meet at the pole. A pair of tweezers is a good help. You may have to work your way around the top of the sphere a couple of times and pull the ends until they meet exactly
  • Take another star shaped ring and place it inside the sphere at the open pole. Fix the 12 small triangles to this arm with glue in the same positions as indicated on drawing 2.
  • Cut away the pointed ends so that the central star becomes distinct. Align and fix another star shaped ring with glue on top

And file for cutting:  Sphere #010 Open cut

3 thoughts on “Sphere #010 Open

  1. Although this sphere is relatively easy to cut out and weave, every time I make it it comes out more egg-shaped than round. Is it supposed to be perfectly round? If so, how do I get that shape? I’ve tried leaving the weave very loose and also tried pulling the weave tight. Either way, it continues to end in an egg shape. Any advice?

    • It is meant to be spherical – and not egg shaped. Those I made are – more or less. They are definitely not egg shaped. Did you count the number of intersections of each arm? There must be 13 intersections. Further the small triangles at the end of the arms must be perfectly lined up when fixed. That is, they must point in the same direction – just as when you started the weaving. You may have to pull the arms quite a lot to make them turn the right way. Press the triangles together and keep then lined up until the glue has dried so that they do not move. When all 12 sets are fixed you may pull them gently so that the tips of the triangles meet. Next you shall fix them to the circular piece with glue. Make sure that the tips of the triangles still meet at the center of the ring. Lene

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