Heart #049 Mistletoe

Heart 049 mistletoeHeart 049 mistletoe pattern 1Heart 049 mistletoe pattern 2Heart 049 mistletoe pattern 3Heart 049 mistletoe pattern 4Heart 049 mistletoe pattern 5

When preparing this Mistletoe Heart you will use both the joining technique and the weaving technique. The heart is made from 2 individual baskets; an inner joined double heart with the mistletoe leaves and berries, and an outer woven basket with a handle.

Using the templates the original size will give you a Mistletoe Heart 26 cm tall. You may rescale all the templates by the same factor to get a smaller heart, if you prefer that.

Paper of quality 80 g/m2 to 130 g/m2 works fine for this heart basket.

  • Cut 2 basket pieces and a handle from Part 1. Use one or two colours
  • Cut one of each piece with leaves and berries from the Pages 2, 3, 4 and 5. Use three or four different colours as you like.

You prepare the Mistletoe Heart basket like this:

  • Stack the pieces for the joined heart two by two. Those with the long slit in the same place should go together. The piece with the leaves must be in front of the piece with the berries
  • Crease and join the two sets to make a heart basket. Joining becomes easier if you keep the two layers together using paper clips
  • Weave the outer basket. Secure the shape with a little glue at the top point of the basket – on both faces
  • Add the handle to the outer woven basket
  • Insert the joined heart with mistletoe into the basket with the handle. Line up.

And files for cutting: Heart 049 mistletoe cut 1 ; Heart 049 mistletoe cut 2 ; Heart 049 mistletoe cut 3 ; Heart 049 mistletoe cut 4 ; Heart 049 mistletoe cut 5

2 thoughts on “Heart #049 Mistletoe

    • Both Anna and I have a Silhouette Cameo. They work well, and they have been used a lot. They are reliable and easy to use. We know there are other machines on the market, but we have not tried them. Lene

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