Christmas Workshops

Juleworkshop F

Attend one of this year’s cozy Christmas workshops with PaperMatrix. We shall make chiming woven 3D bells. The bells can right now be seen in the department store Magasin Du Nord in Copenhagen, who has chosen to use them in this year’s Christmas decorations. There will also be an opportunity to learn to weave cones, spiral hearts and circle hearts.

As part of the workshop you will get cut out pieces for two models. If you can manage to weave more, additional cut out pieces may be purchased for 25 kr. per model. We will also serve you coffee, tea and homemade cake.

Join us for weaving in our evocative rooms in Copenhagen’s oldest and most Christmassy neighborhood where among other things Peter Faber wrote one of the Danes best loved Christmas songs: “Højt fra træets grønne top “.

The workshops run for 3 hours starting at 1 p.m. Tickets cost DKK 200.-

Dates are as follows:

Copenhagen, Store Kannikestræde / December 5th/Tickets (udsolgt)

Copenhagen, Store Kannikestræde / December 6th/Tickets 

Vær med til dette års hyggelige juleworkshop med PaperMatrix. I år fletter vi klokker i 3D og pynter dem med bånd og bjælder. Klokkerne kan lige nu ses i Magasin Du Nord i København, som har valgt at bruge dem i dette års juleudsmykning. Der vil også blive mulighed for at flette kræmmerhuse, spiralhjerter og cirkelhjerter.

Som del af workshoppen får du 2 udskårede modeller. Hvis du kan nå at flette mere, kan udskårne dele købes for 25 kr. pr. model. Vi vil selvfølgelig også byde på kaffe, te og hjemmebagt kage.

Kom med og flet i vores stemningsfulde stuer i Københavns ældste og mest julede kvarter, hvor bl.a. Peter Faber komponerede “Højt fra træets grønne top”.

Workshoppen starter klokken 1, varer 3 timer og billetter koster 200 kr.


You may find templates for woven bells in our books “Fletværk” (in Danish) and in “The Art of Paper Weaving”.


8 thoughts on “Christmas Workshops

  1. That’s a beautiful display. Wish I could come to the class, but I live in the USA too.

    How big are the finished bells if you use the template from the book? Every year I make Christmas ornaments for friend and family and these would be perfect.

    • The templates for the bell in our books are made to fit an ordinary piece of A4 or letter format paper, so that you cut each of the large swirling parts for the bell in one piece. The height of the finished bell is about 7 cm. If you rescale the templates to fit 12″ x 12″ the height of the bell will be about 10 cm. For the large bells on display the arms were cut individually. These bells are about 40 cm high. Lene

      • I had tried enlarging and cutting out the arms individually for one of the balloons (#003), but could not get the basket sized correctly. You inspired me to try with the bells and it worked beautifully, although I am limited to 12″ x 12″ paper so my bells are only 20 cm high. Had to dig up my ancient geometry skills to get the M5 strip sized correctly, but I am very happy with the results. I also shrank the template so that I could get two of the shapes on a 12×12 paper, and they will be perfect for Christmas ornaments.

        Looking forward to trying out some more patterns from the book, especially the triaxial box and some of the fancier spheres. Thanks!

    • Hi Valeria!
      Thank you for your interest in the Bells. The templates for these Bells are prepared for a customer and not generally available. You may find templates for other woven Bells in our book “The Art of Paper Weaving”. Lene

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